WWII German K98 Late War Bayonet Red Bakelite Grips Matching #’s 5228 Maker Code ACS with Leather Frog & Scabbard 17-31


Original good condition. Matching number later war bayonet with red bakelite grips. Maker code ACS with matching numbers of 5228. ┬áThe grips are nice and tight with little movement. Leather frog has wear with scuffs and an indentation to the front. The leather is still soft and pliable. Pommel and cross guard have average wear and tarnish with rust and scratches. No waffen amps to the pommel. Press stud in working order. Metal scabbard has average wear with tarnish and scratches. Scabbard has a minor dent. No loss to the blade tip and the edge has not been sharpened. Blade surface has the majority of its original blueing/finish. No date to the blade spine. Overall length of the bayonet including the scabbard measures approx. 16″ long.